Candy Crush Guide Review

Keeping this short and simple, I decided to write a review for a guide to one of the most played games at this time on the web, Candy Crush, the guide name is Candy Crush Secrets (very suggestive I know). So just feel free to drop by and read the review over by strategy game -> Candy Crush Reviews and then decide for yourself if your reputation as a candy crusher is actually worth it! Sweet Cheers!


So guys remember that this game is actually worth a lot of time and dough and it also happens to be updated quite frequently, like every once in a week or so with something like 15 levels per (having a grand total of about 350 right now) update just simply continuing the saga till you get awfully bored or terribly addicted to it! Anyways the game is otherwise simple, nice and as sweet as sugar (could cause diabetes if not taken moderately)!