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Secrets of the Swarm Update

So guys be things as they are, but Blizz really managed to hit the jackpot with Heart of the Swarm. After going through the single player campaign in a few days I have to tell you that the story is damn fine and the gameplay was excellent. But also the multiplayer, online features of the game work pretty well too.


Now for those of you who haven’t started to play just yet I made a short overview of the game and for those who finished and focus on the internet gaming of Starcraft (so there’s a bit for both): Updated Heart of the Swarm Guide to analyze a little the single player campaign mode (the story behind it) and off course the new guides that come with the updated expansion. The two major guides I’m talking about are Shokz and Secrets of the Swarm, both excellent guides made by pros for lesser pros 😉

Feel free to drop by and don’t forget to have loads of fun while playing and feel free to check back at some point for more news on some of the best games of the hour.

The Strategy Game Guide Blog

Now this blog over here is designed to keep you chaps updated on how the events unfold in the world of gaming. The update speed is up to me to decide so probably I will be posting stuff here every week or every fortnight or once a month or any other interval. However most posts will be related to one of my bigger blogs on which I will post the main articles. And here we shall have just a few short updated posts.

Stuff like game guides, strategy guides, video games news, articles, reviews for both games and guides. Main topics include World of Warcraft (WoW), Starcraft,  Call of Duty, Lineage, Star Wars, Sims, Need for Speed or any other game that really looks cool and I had time to play or watch anyone else play. Occasionally we also have some walkthroughs and or kind of stuff, but really it all remains to be seen. For now just drop by Strategy Game Guides.Com and check out the latest updates.

And that was quite about it, hope to be back with many nice posts soon enough. Till then have good fun y’all!