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WoW Schools Guide Review

Today we are dealing with some less well rated guides. So to say WoW Schools, was on the top of the charts a few years ago and now they just updated (thing for which I’m writing this review) their webpage. Problem is that they seem not to be aware that the game evolved and now runs on Mists of Pandaria, patch 5.2, soon to be updated to 5.3 and then end this expansion as well.

If that would be the only issue that I have noticed with their so-called update it really wouldn’t matter much, but there are plenty of other problems which simply act as a drawback instead of a comeback. Pretty sad but WoW Schools Gold Guide, can’t even begin to compare with premium guides such as Tycoon from Manaview or the gold guides from Zygor and Dugi.

Anyways here’s the link to my full review: WoW Schools Review, if you are interested in checking out a few more details, see the “updated” page itself, or compare it to other products, you can just swing by. More strategy game guides for World of Warcraft and not just, coming up pretty soon … I guess!

Dugi Leveling Guide Update

Time for a short update then, this time a full serviced leveling guide made by the chaps over by ultimatewowguide.com aka Dugi Guides. As I assume most of you know when it comes to the best guides for World of Warcraft, Dugi was the first and Zygor came shortly after. Now they are both almost as good each scoring 9 out 10 on almost all possible fields.

But now we are all about Dugi. As I was saying they made some serious updates to their in game leveling system and in case you were not aware they are the only ones who actually have prof of a maximum rate leveling (1-90) in the shortest time possible, if the info is correct it should be about 2 days of gaming. So after 48 hours of Warcraft a serious gamer can hit max level using Dugi’s leveling guide. A less serious player is capable of doing the same just that in a longer period.

Now I won’t tell you all just now cause the full article is here: Dugi Leveling Guides Review¬†and you check all the unnecessary details there. Also you can drop by their actual page and check the damn stuff out straight from the source.