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Ryse’s third strategy guide to a feature on the updates of patch 5.4.7

Time for yet another update session from the wide world of video games that were featured in the previous days on the mother blog of all strategy game guide sites; strategy-game-guides.com (could it be anythig else?). So then in this petite update we’ll find stuff such as product features (commercial in nature), game preview (analytical … mostly and with some review), plus quite a load of news and strategy guide to another top three games coming this year (one is this month, but still). 



And these will do it for now. Yet another chance to check out some of the latest news from the world of gaming that we could cover in the past weeks. Do feel free to check these out should you find them interesting or browse for more articles on a topic that suits your interests just a little better. Till next time then … Enjoy!

Manaview Addons and Guides

So guys there are plenty of great games and guides that come with them out there to fill this blog out with quality content in no time at all. But for now we’ll just focus on the most searched and demanded game (and guides) that have ever hit the market. With over 12 million players and much more sales of guides and addons, World of Warcraft stands leader of the MMORPG gaming community.

Now there are plenty of guides for the game, many of them quite useful on various profiled websites which can be accessed for free. Personally I prefer wowhead.com the most. Cause you know they are good and well updated and all that. But if you really want to step up your game and join the elite of Azeroth, then I suggest some premium guides and addons.

For instance you have these ones right here from manaview.com. Their best addon is by far Tycoon Gold Addon, which sits comfortably at number 2 in the rankings per popularity of various review websites (including my own). Why is that so? Well cause it promises one thing and it delivers it. The promise was about 33 K golds / day on auto-pilot using the best schemes and auction tricks. And you know what it is constantly updated and so I do encourage you all to check it out. Also there are 2 more addons, Impulse and Edge, which deal with your gameplay and help you improve  dramatically at leveling, raiding or pvping! And finally they also have a leveling addon which unfortunately seems to be a bit outdated, but it still has several interesting features in it.

Now you can find out more info and a serious and full review on my blog at this page Manaview Addons Review. Feel free to drop by, and check the offers they have. And just a short notice you can get each addon individually or you can get the whole set for a 25% discount. But usually people just go for Tycoon these days so suit yourselves!