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Hearthstone guides max payned the babes from the elder scrolls online

It’s time of the week again when I rant about my latest posts on that other blog of mine that’s just like this one except for the fact it’s much better and self-hosted and has a lot more visitors and it’s better designed and actually does something out of nothing, right? This time our updates include four posts which I suggest you check out through some of the many links here on the page straight to the blog or by using those I’ll place in the post right bellow. Also I won’t comment on them because I’m too freakin’ lazy and have to get up early tommorow cause you know … it’s Easter and … Nevermind … So the links:



Yeah, damn it, I know I said no comments, but I can’t help myself and also I had to include these two more or less reprsentative pics, because you know … They help make the post seem bigger. And that’s it … Y’all take care now, till next time!