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Tycoon Addon vs Hayden’s Guide

Recently I began ranting about just how stupid some guides are while others are actually worth much more than their actual price. Problem is that most Wow players have no idea which one is which and so they just fall for the one that has the most coverage. Now I try to discuss everything about all of them, but I clearly don’t have all the time I would need so I will resume myself at a simple VS (that’s versus NOT Victoria’s Secret!) article in which I try to make the guide I deem worthy look even better and then mess up the one that’s screwed even more. The full article here -> Tycoon vs Hayden¬†Gold Guide Battles!




Also because I seem to get the most attention on my website on the World of Warcraft Guides topic I was thinking about launching a new project and call that cluster of posts World of Guides from here onward to make things a bit more original! So then stay tuned and keep the game up fellas!