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Batman kicks DOTA in the Summer!

Alright guys so pay attention how we gona do this, so that I may have plenty of time to post stuff to several blogs, I have to compact somehow the info I’m conveying. Thus the posts on the secondary blogs (some of which actually have some seriously higher ranks than the main one … so to speak) will be reduced to one that will contain the updates of 1, 2, 3 or more weeks (mostly)!

This week we have the following list of wicked posts (really it begins to look a lot like twitter, but I couldn’t care less):

  1. DOTA 2 Sucks! – A tiny post in which I brag about this latest version of the game map for Warcraft 3, which I actually enjoyed, didn’t managed to live up to my expectations. Soon enough I recon we’ll see some post in which I mess up both DOTA and LoL and also suggest you some idiotic guides on how to beat the other bump head that play these kind of games! Coming soon …
  2. Batman: Arkham Origins Teaser – From those that suck to those that rock! Warner just announced the third part of their smash hit Batman series, Arkham. The Dark Knight returns to fight of even more bad guys and solve the case once again!
  3. Summer Video Games 2013 – A short article on what we’ll be playing this summer on our play things. And also some serious pun on what we should actually be doing by some nicely inserted DoA Extreme Beach Volleyball screens! Either way you’ll enjoy it with a cool drink by your side 😉

And that be quite it with them updates for this time! Hopefully I will manage to be back with more soon enough! And I might still be posting random posts in here, but I recon they will be even less frequent than by now. Anyways, drop by from time to time and see what the cat brought in!

The Strategy Game Guide Blog

Now this blog over here is designed to keep you chaps updated on how the events unfold in the world of gaming. The update speed is up to me to decide so probably I will be posting stuff here every week or every fortnight or once a month or any other interval. However most posts will be related to one of my bigger blogs on which I will post the main articles. And here we shall have just a few short updated posts.

Stuff like game guides, strategy guides, video games news, articles, reviews for both games and guides. Main topics include World of Warcraft (WoW), Starcraft,  Call of Duty, Lineage, Star Wars, Sims, Need for Speed or any other game that really looks cool and I had time to play or watch anyone else play. Occasionally we also have some walkthroughs and or kind of stuff, but really it all remains to be seen. For now just drop by Strategy Game Guides.Com and check out the latest updates.

And that was quite about it, hope to be back with many nice posts soon enough. Till then have good fun y’all!