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Ryse’s third strategy guide to a feature on the updates of patch 5.4.7

Time for yet another update session from the wide world of video games that were featured in the previous days on the mother blog of all strategy game guide sites; strategy-game-guides.com (could it be anythig else?). So then in this petite update we’ll find stuff such as product features (commercial in nature), game preview (analytical … mostly and with some review), plus quite a load of news and strategy guide to another top three games coming this year (one is this month, but still). 



And these will do it for now. Yet another chance to check out some of the latest news from the world of gaming that we could cover in the past weeks. Do feel free to check these out should you find them interesting or browse for more articles on a topic that suits your interests just a little better. Till next time then … Enjoy!

2014 in Terms of Games, Guides and Strategies

Damn long time no see on this blog here, but there’s nothing to worry about, because we still here and by the looks of it, 2014 is going to be a very rich year in terms of gaming. So not only we won’t be running out of material to speak on, but I guess that we might just find it difficult to over all the good subjects (we’ll give it a shot at least that’s for certain). And just to give you a taste of what we’re gona talk about this year here’s the latest from the main .com blog we be runnin’:


So this would be quite it in terms of main topics that started the gaming discussion on the blog. Mainly the topics should continue in the same manner as long as nothing unintended comes in, in which case certain changes might be needed.