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Plenty of Draenorish Stuff and Some GTA

Since the past weeks it was all about that Draenor I thought it would be cool to cover nothing else and thus I managed to get quite a lot of exposure during the event and afterwards, now however the hype is done and we are lower than lower has been in terms of stats and stuff and all that … So … It is time to resume the guest posting on all the other adjacent blogs (like this one)! Now let me point things out in the easy and to the point fashion.


Warlords of Draenor Launch – Now there really isn’t that much to be said about this, execept for the fact that it generated a whole lot of hype and you can bet that plenty of newbies tried out WoW for the first time … Poor chaps they were totally ganked by those who didn’t boost to 90 and have arrived there by means of leveling (patch to patch and expansion through expansion) – Anyways Draenor was cool and there were plenty of chaps who found this to be totally awesome – Almost as many as those who said it sucked!

Certinly in pivotal moments like this it is impossible not to talk about the future of a big mammoth company such as Blizzard (who celebrated 20 years since the first WoW came out this year … Goddamn that’s almost as old as I am) – Anyways we’ve covered a small rewind and a couple of extra projects set for the future (think of Overwatch and SC2 Legacy of the Void) and other similar thing.

Anyways then there’s the problem of guides, which once again I urge you to check out if you enjoy playing WoW on a very high level and with relative ease – Here’s the review for my selection of Warlords of Draenor Guides that basically cover all that you need to know if you intend to make it big in Azeroth. There’s also plenty of rants and stuff, but don’t mind me I just do that to keep things interesting and I would advise you to check things out before making any kind of judgement call.

And finally there’s GTA V – More specifically Grand Theft Auto V in terms of PS 3 to PS 4 kind of version. I really enjoyed the new and improved looks of the massive game and believe it or not the damn thing looks so good that I almost shed a tear when I saw it. But don’t just take my word for it check out the presentation video and see for yourselves.

Basically plenty of Warcraft related stuff and not much else …

So I guess the title is very explicit as to what kind of updates we are dealing with these days since just a couple days ago things got updated with Warcraft and patch 6.0.2 went live and everyone went crazy and there were a lot of visitors and few buyers and so on and so forth … Anyways the majority of the updates inlclude stuff related to Blizzard’s biggest title ever and I believe that for some time it will remain like that wether we like it or not, but do not despair there are plenty of other stuff for those who aren’t into mmorpg’s as well like … More mmorpg’s that aren’t Warcraft like … Hellgate London (I’m sure you’ll find the post somewhere on the right if you look carefully). And then there are a lot of WoW Guides and Reviews and Features and other similar stuff in which we try to sell stuff … Like for real yo! Just check these out:

The Story of Warcraft (in a nutshell)

Patch 6.0.2 Survival Guide


The Dugi Guides bundle was also one nice cute post that took us some time to deal with, but in the end it all worked out pretty well so there’s no need to complain about it, even if the dude is totally underselling, nobody gives a shit! Anyways now for the final video do allow me to rock your house with a pretty badass cinematic/game/rock compilation Hellgate style!

Hellgate London – Primo Victoria


 And finally there’s girls as well so if none of the other things appeal to your wicked senses do feel free to check out the night elf babes from the fourth post of its kind. If I think of it there might still be like three and I will be done with this game as well and the cute young ladies that inhabit it, but up until then we still have a ton of work to do so feel free to check things out as they get updated. Till next update, which might just be sooner than you think in a much more subtle, more professional and less funny manner, y’all have a good time, eh?

WoW 5.3 PTR Updates

Talking about World of Warcraft, I recon it’s a good thing to mention that our fellas, the developers are working their asses off to offer us, the average players good quality gaming content on a constant basis. So, we are having the following news about Patch 5.3 so far:

  • New Battleground – Gold Rush 
  • New Arena – Shad-Pan
  • New Mounts and Battle Pets – as an example the Faerie Dragon and the Baby Direhorn
  • New Icons and Custom Stuff
  • New Brawler’s Guild Challenges

Generally these are the things we are supposed to be dealing with soon enough, when the game updates again. If the story remains at the same general idea of besieging Orgrimmar, remains to be seen, you know what do you do with the orc capital, move’em all to the Darkspear Islands or something? Anyways, for more item on the updates and also guides (Zygor or Tycoon) that come for this patch do feel free to drop by World of Warcraft Patch 5.3 Tests and check out the whole set of things. Also we’ll be keeping y’all updated as things move on in terms of updating and who knows maybe we’ll even get a sneak peak to the new expansion (I mean there has to be a new expansion right?). 

Manaview Addons and Guides

So guys there are plenty of great games and guides that come with them out there to fill this blog out with quality content in no time at all. But for now we’ll just focus on the most searched and demanded game (and guides) that have ever hit the market. With over 12 million players and much more sales of guides and addons, World of Warcraft stands leader of the MMORPG gaming community.

Now there are plenty of guides for the game, many of them quite useful on various profiled websites which can be accessed for free. Personally I prefer wowhead.com the most. Cause you know they are good and well updated and all that. But if you really want to step up your game and join the elite of Azeroth, then I suggest some premium guides and addons.

For instance you have these ones right here from manaview.com. Their best addon is by far Tycoon Gold Addon, which sits comfortably at number 2 in the rankings per popularity of various review websites (including my own). Why is that so? Well cause it promises one thing and it delivers it. The promise was about 33 K golds / day on auto-pilot using the best schemes and auction tricks. And you know what it is constantly updated and so I do encourage you all to check it out. Also there are 2 more addons, Impulse and Edge, which deal with your gameplay and help you improve  dramatically at leveling, raiding or pvping! And finally they also have a leveling addon which unfortunately seems to be a bit outdated, but it still has several interesting features in it.

Now you can find out more info and a serious and full review on my blog at this page Manaview Addons Review. Feel free to drop by, and check the offers they have. And just a short notice you can get each addon individually or you can get the whole set for a 25% discount. But usually people just go for Tycoon these days so suit yourselves!